Rejuvenating Swedish Massage

Athletes, sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts around the world have always trusted the Swedish massage as a sure way to ease off fatigue. This classical technique uses rejuvenating oils to provide a firm deeply relaxing & calming massage using light to medium (gentle) pressure to ease muscle tension and increases blood circulation.

Relaxing Aroma Massage

Grounded in the science of Aromatherapy this gentle nurturing treatment combines the sense of touch and smell with the use of essential oils extracted from a variety of organically grown plants and flowers. Aromatherapy promotes physical and mental wellbeing and creates a deep sense of relaxation.

Stimulating Reflexology Massages

The ancient Indians and Egyptians had discovered that the body’s various organs were represented on the soles. Special massage techniques are applied on these reflex areas to induce relaxation and repair.

Relaxation in Bali Style

It is a Holistic, deep tissue treatment that combines dry compress massage with passive stretching of your stiff joints and muscles by the therapist which stimulates blood flow, relaxes muscle tension& to make you feel relaxed & spiritually renewed at the same time.

Vitalizing Deep Tissue Massage

Our trained therapists focus on realigning the deep layers of muscles, helpful for chronically tense & contracted areas such as stiff back , neck, Low back tightness & sore shoulders. The pressure is concentrated on areas of tension & pain.

Balancing Thai Massage

Perfected over years by Buddhist monks this technique is a combination of Marma points and traditional Thai Massage. The massage involves deep tissue body work using firm, rhythmic pressure and stretching to balance the flow of energy throughout the energy channels. You will feel light, flexible and in a state of perfect balance.

Invigorating Hot Stone Massage

Hot volcanic stones have been used to trap into the heat retaining property. Stones of varying sizes are placed along the energy channels and on taught muscles. The therapist also takes the heat in her hands during the massage and you get massage with the hot stone, which gives you a deep sense of relaxation and invigoration as the stones gently pass on the heat to the body.

Couples Massage

Enjoy a wonderful relaxation time with your spouse or friend in our specially made couple’s treatment room with a two seater Jacuzzi. Rs. 500 combined discount on couple’s massages.


Facial improvements are very important for anyone who likes to keep their young looks. With our facial treatment, you are able to see improved skin condition and the results are long term. We are concern about your looks and will do everything to give you the youthful look you so much desire.

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